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The next national executive will play a crucial role in engaging Young Liberals from coast to coast to coast in the 2019 election. It is of the utmost importance that young people from across the country know where to find their local club.

This critical engagement phase starts now and continues right until election day.

As Vice-President Communications, I will work with campus clubs and our Provincial and Territorial Boards (PTBs) to develop election-ready communications strategies to enhance outreach and engagement on campuses and in communities across the country. These strategies will be developed in tiers, in order to cater to campus clubs and riding associations of all shapes and sizes. They will also incorporate regional differences and various social media tactics such as utilizing story features.


Young Liberals play a strong role in the Liberal Party of Canada. Not only are we dedicated campaigners, organizers and mobilizers, but we are significant policy influencers. As Young Liberals, we have an important role to play in the development of new and progressive policies. 

We strive to make the lives of Canadians better and more efficient. Our groups of young, educated people all across the country, push for real change in their communities each and every day.

As Vice-President Communications, I would highlight the work of our Young Liberals all across Canada on an accessible platform, such as a blog. 

A blog would give Young Liberals vital experience, by providing a platform to write about ideas they care about, policies they are pushing for and change they are creating. People across the country could gain perspective on the YLC as an organization and the work we do. 

utilizing our policy interests during recruitment

Young Liberal campus clubs across the country are busy at the beginning of the fall and winter semesters recruiting new members to come out to events, become active canvassers and present interesting and new policy ideas. 

Many people are drawn to our tables at clubs fairs and expo days because of the free materials we give out, including pens, stickers and posters.

It's important that our materials are reflective of our organization and the policies we stand up for as Young Liberals.

If elected to be your next Vice-President Communications, I will ensure that more of our recruitment materials show that we are serious about climate change, we are working towards reconciliation and we are pushing for important policies that have the ability to affect thousands of Canadians. 



christi Basaraba

Director, Young Liberals of Canada (Alberta) 

I could not be happier to support Joanna Sivasankaran. Joanna's work ethic is second to none, and she is always willing to go out of her way to get the job done. Her communications skills and eye for visuals makes her the perfect candidate for VP Communications! I am proud to formally endorse Joanna for the position. 

Charlotte Zronik 

Director, Young Liberals of Canada (Ontario) 

Joanna Sivasankaran has both the experience and the ideas to become the next Communications Chair on the Young Liberals of Canada. She cares about the success of our campus clubs and understands the important role our clubs play when it comes to election mobilization. Leading into the 2019 election, these qualities are absolutely crucial in a candidate, which is why I'm proud to formally endorse Joanna. 

Mitchell Goldie 

Executive Director Finance, Young Liberals of Canada (Ontario) 

I've had the pleasure of working with Joanna since she first became involved with the Young Liberals at Carleton. Since then, Joanna has made her dedication to the club known each and every day and I have no doubt she will bring her enthusiasm and passion to Young Liberals across the country. With that, I am proud to formally endorse Joanna for the position of Communications Chair of the Young Liberals of Canada. 


Victoria dempster

President, Crandall University Young Liberals 

I am so happy to officially endorse Joanna as she runs for the role of YLC Communications Chair. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Joanna while working and volunteering alongside her in Ottawa. Not only does she have impressive experience, but a passionate drive and genuine nature. Joanna's platform shows her commitment and dedication to connecting with Canadian Youth, and to reinforcing the YLC values that we aspire to. I am confident in Joanna to be an excellent and innovative leader in this role, which is why I am looking forward to voting for her in Halifax. 

mike noehammer

Treasurer, Ontario Young Liberals 

During my time as Treasurer for the Ontario Young Liberals, I have worked with Joanna in her capacity as President of the Carleton Young Liberals. I have seen firsthand that her organization skills and passion for youth engagement is second to none. I am confident that she is going to excel in the job of leading our organization's communications efforts leading up to the 2019 election. I call on my fellow Young Liberals to join me in supporting Joanna in her campaign to become VP Communications of the Young Liberals of Canada. 

Fritz Okrah 

President, Ottawa Centre Young Liberals 

Motivated, energetic, passionate, and focused, these are the qualities our YLC executives must embody as we head into the next election cycle. One such woman embodying these qualities and more is Joanna. Throughout my time in Ottawa Centre I have seen Joanna and the dedicated team of youth she leads at Carleton represent what this party stands for at the campus level. As the Carleton University Young Liberal President, Joanna has worked with both riding and university clubs in organizing events and volunteer opportunities to support Liberal MPs here in the Capital. It is important the next VP Communications understand how to utilize and collaborate with campus and riding clubs around the country to ensure our success in the upcoming elections. With her leadership skills, passion, and collaborative mindset, I know Joanna will be an invaluable member to the YLC as VP Communications.

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